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The Second Unit from the Mythbusters now have a show of their own. The trio of Tory, Grant and Kari re-create memes to see what truth (if any) might be in them. Their show, called White Rabbit Project, perhaps should have been called Memebuster. Shown as a Netflix original, it is heavy on high-production recreations of inventions and achievements, which they then rank for importance. Not as scientifically heavy as Mythbusters, I still learned a lot. — KK
I try to set aside time to meditate every day. The easiest and quickest way for me is to play this meditation ($0.99, iTunes) in the morning while I shower. It’s a gratitude meditation that helps me focus, remember what’s important and gets me excited for the day. The narrator’s accent makes it very soothing to listen to and the 9-minute length helps me keep my showers short. Here is a free version on Youtube. — CD 
My wife is Armenian, and we have eaten a lot of Middle Eastern food over the years. We also like to cook Middle Eastern food. Here’s my go-to chicken kebab recipe. My mouth is watering as I type this, remembering how great this is. I cook it over a charcoal grill. — MF
Search Tip:
When troubleshooting anything my first step is Google/YouTube. But when an initial query does not yield much, I simply add the suffix “solutions” to the query. The terms “problem X + solutions” is more likely to yield sources that have answers, not just the same problem I have. — KK
Wellness Tool:
I feel great after I stretch my back with a foam roller like this one. It loosens me up right away and using it in the morning helps me be mindful of my posture all day long. — CD 
Browser Trick:
Reopen the last browser tab you closed by pressing ctrl + shift + t (Windows) or cmd + shift + t (Mac) — MF
— Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson
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