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Have you been hacked?
SpyCloud is a scary and useful website. Scary, because it showed me how many times my passwords have been hacked from website databases. Useful, because I quickly changed those passwords to protect myself. A personal account is free. Do this now. — MF
Quote that speaks to me
Bill Joy, cofounder of Sun, says: “I decided to spend my time trying to create the things we need as opposed to preventing what threatens us.” — KK
Effortless editing
I tend to write like I think, run on and use a lot of commas. If I drop my text into the Hemingway Editor it will highlight unnecessary words, and tell me what to fix to make my writing more concise. — CD
Better laces
I have replaced all my regular shoelaces with these no-tie Aktivx elastic laces. Ultra thin bungee cords snap the shoe closed without have to tie or untie. Instant on and off. Easy to slip foot out, yet snug when needed. Not too dorky even for dress shoes; in fact, they look cool. — KK
Design your own shirt
I’ve ordered a few custom t-shirts from Uber Prints, and I am very happy with their customer service and product. They have recently widened their selection of styles, and for most there is no minimum order requirement. — CD
Laser printer toner
I gave up on color inkjet printers because they are slow and finicky. Years ago I bought a cheap Brother laser printer (here’s the latest model for $100) and am very happy with it. I get 3rd party toner cartridges in bulk, which are about $8 each when purchased as a 4-pack. — MF
— Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson
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