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Make 100 things
The crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has become so successful that it’s also become a big deal to succeed by it. Big projects, big production to launch, big sums raised. To scale back things, Kickstarter launched the Make 100 campaign to encourage makers to simply make one hundred of something. A multitude of makers have responded with limited editions of low budget cool things, without a lot of fuss. I’ve backed a handful of them. It has also inspired me to make my own 100 of something. – KK
Focused daydreaming
I am giving up social media and other distractions for the 2 hour rule, which encourages setting aside two hours each week for purposeful mind-wandering. The author of this article touts this method as used by Einstein and other geniuses. He says that while it helps to focus on specific questions, the biggest benefit comes from the time spent after you’ve run out of things to think about. — CD
Reading glasses in bulk
I’m rough on my reading glasses. I roll on them in bed, snap them in carrying bags, leave them at airports. So I buy them cheaply and in quantity. I like these retro horn rim readers, which are less than $10 for a six-pack. — MF
Push or pull?
It pays to be observant. When approaching a door, look for hinges. If you see them, that means pull the door to open. Otherwise, push. — MF
Travel kit essential
I recently visited my grandmother in Mexico and made it a point to buy and bring a pStyle, which helps women pee while standing. It was the perfect travel tool for Mexico, where most public bathrooms have no toilet seat and you have to pay for toilet paper. There was no mess, easy to use and I just attached it to my purse in one of these discreet carrying cases. — CD
No logo baseball hats
I don’t wear clothing with ads or logos. Finding a baseball hat without a logo is hard. I found very cheap hats without logos at Daiso, for $1.50. You can buy these extremely light-weight hats in bulk (12 in a pack) online. — KK
— Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson
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