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💀 Learning from death:
Frank Ostaseski has accompanied over 1,000 people as they died in a hospice, and in this 60-minute podcast (recorded at a Long Now seminar), he distills what lessons the dying — and death — have taught him. Their wisdom is deep, complex, potent, intimate, unexpected (not cliche) and will shift your relationship to life. Listening (or watching the video) will be one of the best hours in your life. — KK
👨🏼‍🍳 Kitchen dishtowels:
I love these white, blue-striped kitchen dishtowels. They’re $15 for a set of 12. They are 100% cotton, thick and absorbent. I just retired my former, coffee-stained set to the garage, and bought a new set. — MF
🥗 Produce hack:
Buying in bulk does save, but when we buy the large plastic container of mixed greens from Costco, it usually gets slimy after 4-5 days. I tried the paper towel hack and placed one sheet in the middle and one on top and it extended its shelf-life by one week! — CD
🕵🏻 Google tips:
Type “movies” and your zip code to see what’s playing in theaters near you. Enter a flight number to see the status of the plane. Enter any shipper’s tracking number to see where your package is. — MF
🖥 Multiple inboxes:
I use Gmail in my browser, and what I find most helpful is the Multiple Inboxes lab. When I’m working on a project, I create a label for all relevant email and that label becomes an additional inbox. That way, I don’t lose sight of my to-dos by placing them in a folder, and it keeps my inbox from cluttering. Kind of hard to explain, but it simplifies your life once you do it. Here are instructions. — CD
📷 Best way to find photos:
I use Google’s AI to find particular photos out of the 200,000 photos I have taken. First I uploaded all my 200K photos to Google Photos using their app so the upload runs in the background; new photos will automatically be uploaded in the future as well. Then I search through the photos using keywords. I have not labeled, categorized, or captioned any of the images. I type in basic terms, like “barn”, or “procession” or “sailboat.” and Google will find and display all the pertinent images. It can do simple compound queries like “barn + snow” or “procession + umbrella” that are more selective. It is free. — KK 
— Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson 
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