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Your Kindle highlights
As you read a Kindle you can, with some effort, highlight a passage. The best way to extract those passages so that you can cut and paste them later, or so you can insert the text into an article, or otherwise use a highlight as text, is to go to this page and login with your Amazon credentials. You’ll see your highlights book by book. There you select texts and copy them. Or on that page use Bookcision, a browser bookmarklet, that will download each book’s passages as a text file. — KK
Cryptocurrency podcast by newbies, for newbies
Coin Talk has only two episodes so far but it shows promise. Created by a couple of self-deprecating podcaster/journalist/crypto investors — Aaron Lammer (Longform) and Jay Caspian Kang (HBO’s Vice News Tonight/NYT Magazine) — Coin Talk looks at all the crazy happenings in the cryptocurrency sphere with a high-level, jargon-free approach. Lammer and Kang are not crypto experts, but they are intelligent, funny, and skeptical. — MF
Better Road ID
My husband wears a Road ID bracelet on long bike rides, but we’re moving soon so I needed to buy him a new ID. I chose Crashtag because he said he preferred a necklace and they have a lot more necklace designs to choose from than Road ID. They also look cooler and the tag doubles as a bottle opener. I had it printed with our new address and my phone number, but there was enough space to include medical information or multiple lines of text. — CD
The Supply Cloud
This article about the Supply Cloud by Alexis Madrigal details how any teenager can make an instant retail store using Instagram, Shopify, and Alibaba. It’s suppose to be a warning about the unreliable ads for interesting stuff in your Instagram and Facebook feeds, but it’s actually a good primer on how to make an instant legitimate store. — KK
Delicious teas
My wife has become a fan of the teas from Wild Foods, based in Austin, Texas. Her favorite is the Organic Pu-erh Black Tea, which is aged and fermented. Every order comes with samples of other products, like flavored salts, and their newsletter has interesting recipes and guides. The owner often includes a hand written with an order. — MF
Juicy chicken recipe
This simple French Chicken in a Pot recipe made the juiciest, most flavorful chicken I’ve ever cooked. It took me less than 2 hours to prep and make. I also had most of the ingredients on hand so all I had to buy was the chicken and some of the veggies which totaled around $10. As someone in the comments said, “It’s idiot-proof.” — CD
— Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson
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