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A crazy Kickstarter project I funded (still open) is Event Horizon, which is a LARP — a live action role playing game. Think of an improv weekend where the audience is the players. This one convenes 150 people to pretend they are in a space opera on a distant planet with costumes, characters, roles, sets, drama, and lodging for the weekend. Nerd city. — KK 
Web tip:
Mailinator offers free, disposable email addresses. When you visit a website that requires an email address (and sends you an email to confirm that the email is valid), you can give them any word followed by @mailinator.com. Then, visit Mailinator to access the email. It’s a great way to reduce spam. — MF
Sleep hack:
Sticking one bare foot outside of the covers definitely helps me when I wake up in the middle of the night and want to fall back asleep ASAP. Here is a video about it. — CL 
I’m blasting through the last book in Ramez Naam’s fantastic science fiction trilogy about technological telepathy. Start with Nexus, then onto Crux and Apex. He fleshes out not only the benefits of a global mind meld but also its problems, so as the series proceeds he keeps changing my mind on whether I want this invention or not. That’s great reading.— KK
For many years, I paid $275 a month for an AT&T mobile phone plan (for a family of four iPhone users). Then I switched to T-Mobile. It’s $175 a month, we get unlimited data, and best of all, international data is free. It’s great to travel to another country and freely use the Internet (for maps, reviews, texts, Instagram, etc). Phone calls are also free in Mexico and Canada, and international calls are usually $0.20 a minute. — MF
My husband likes to fall asleep listening to podcasts, but I don’t. These SleepPhones make us both happy. The wireless ones let him shift in his sleep, so he can wear them all night, and are machine washable. — CL

— Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Lamar 
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