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Career advice
80,000 hours is the typical length of the average career. 80,000 Hours is a blog that dispense free career advice based on science, rather than on hunches. As much as possible this non-profit (Cambridge University) gives advice based on the latest academic and scientific research into the nature and economics of work, careers, happiness and the economy. When I am asked for career advice, I point candidates here to their Career Guide. — KK
Google Similar Pages
A couple weeks ago I recommended using “related:url” in your google search bar to find related websites. That’s before I knew the Google Similar Pages chrome extension existed. It does the same thing but quicker. — CD
Great movies for families
75 Classic Movies Teens Should See has a terrific selection of movies for family movie night. My daughter marveled at the young hackers in War Games, and I enjoyed watching it for the third or fourth time. — MF
Make better decisions
Upgrade your pros and cons list by assigning additional value. Rate how important each list item is to you from 1 to 5, and when you’re done add them up to find out which has more points. You might find that even if you listed more items in one column the other might affect your life more. — CD
Selfie helper
We got our teenage daughter a LuMee iPhone case. It has LEDs embedded in the perimeter to illuminate your face when you take a selfie. She loves it and the photos really are a lot better looking. — MF
Legal images
I use Google Image Search anytime I need pictures for a talk, website, presentation, or idea scrapbook. It’s not obvious, but you can filter the search results for those images that let you legally reuse them. Click the Tools button (to the right of Settings) beneath the Google search box, select “Usage Rights” and then choose your filter. (You can also filter by color, size, type, etc. in addition to license directly from Advance Image Search page.) The results will be a pile of select images that have Creative Commons or other fair use status. — KK
— Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson
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